Lake Street Piano Studio


  • In your MyMusicStaff account you can find our schedule, your account balance, weekly announcements, and invoices. This is also where you can sign up for lessons and workshops

  • If your child practices carefully 20-40 minutes a day, they will feel successful and make decent progress. They'll enjoy everything about piano more than if they practice just a couple days a week, which can cause frustration and feeling stuck. They will get out of it what they put into it!

  • Tuition is a yearly amount June to May, prorated by the month and based on enrollment, not attendance. It includes up to 6 (45 minute) summer lessons, 28 school year lessons (30 or 45 minutes), basic books, and workshops for K-5th grade. You can pay by the month, quarter, or year but you'll get an invoice each month on the 15th for the month following. Please pay by check, bank transfer (for a small transfer fee), or credit card (for a larger transfer fee) by the end of the month before. If you must pay later than that, you could add a bottle of red wine.

  • To reschedule a lesson, you can cancel it in your MyMusicStaff account. If 48+ hours in advance, MyMusicStaff will keep track of it and allow you to choose any open lesson before the end of May. If fewer than 48 hours in advance, you can send videos or simply enjoy the week off. In case of student sickness I will do my best to reschedule for you. Missed lessons not made up by the end of May are forfeited.

  • We are full of options for lesson format as we are now experts at remote lessons. In inclement weather, in the winter, if you're not in town, for minor student sickness, or if you simply want the convenience of not driving, we'll use FaceTime or Zoom.

  • The regular commitment is a year (June to May) ... but things come up. If you need to discontinue lessons during the year, I just ask that you give 30 days notice so that your student can finish well.